All drivers have to comply with the company's guidelines. Drivers have been trained according to DOT rules and regulations,  and have read and are following all necessary instructions. All drivers have to attend a scheduled 2-hour safety seminar once a month. This is an overview of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) and everything needed to know to maintain compliance. We have condensed the most important performance measures, they must make part of our company's safety system in order to be compliant with the DOT regulations. Covered topics include introduction to the USDOT, FMCSA and PHMSA.


Every driver has to complete training of Log preparation and other public safety issues and also must be informed of all company fines which will be enforced for failure with company and DOT rules and regulations. All the drivers have to read and understand all their responsibilities for shipment, condition of the truck and trailers, receipts and documents, hours-of-service regulations and driver safety compliance:

1st violation - warning and retraining;

2nd violation - warning, retraining and fine;

3rd violation - subjection to termination.


The drivers will be subjected to termination for not following the alcohol and drug testing policy, positive drug test results or refusing to submit to a post accident, random or reasonable suspicion test and for failure to comply with.