• What kind of EQUIPMENT do you have?

    2016-2022 equipment, Mack and Volvo, we hauling dry vans only, no hazmat, no reefers. You can see more here


  • How much does Ucrop Trucking pay?

    Payment for drivers  - 30% of the gross.

    Our company drivers making  5-13K gross weakly.

    For example, if you got from Monday to Monday 12K gross, than your cut =3.6K (30%) a week!!!

  • Do I need to have previous experience to hire on as a Ucrop Trucking driver?

    2 years experience minimum.


  • Are there any additional requirements I need to obtain to drive for your company?

    No, but twic card and tanker endorsements are appreciated


  • Will I have to take a drug screen?

    Yes, preemployment drug test.

  • Is the truck assigned to me or do I have to slip-seat?

    All trucks are assigned.


  • What kinds of benefits should I have in your trucking company?

    Generous pet and rider policies, referral programs, higher starting pay, etc.


  • How often will I be paid and by what method?

    You will be paid weekly and it will be direct deposited into your bank account.

  • Does Ucrop Trucking use electronic logging?

    Yes, we are 100% electronic logs.

  • Does the company allow their drivers to bring pets?


  • Does the company allow their drivers to bring riders?

    You just need to call your fleet manager, and authorization will be faxed to comply with DOT. Number of passengers are limited by available restraint systems in truck; other conditions and factors (such as age, and health, etc) may also come into play.

  • Can I bring the truck & trailer home on weekends?

    Our drivers take their equipment home under the condition that they have a safe and secure location to park truck and trailer.


  • What sets Ucrop Trucking apart from other OTR companies?

    Ucrop Trucking truly cares about its drivers. Our drivers are our family. We guarantee an honest pay for honest work. If you are ready to work hard and deliver on-time, you will be a successful driver at Ucrop. We have many opportunities to keep you busy year round and attain your monetary goals every year, and pay safety bonuses.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email,

or by phone at (773) 495-3054.